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An Important Message For Our Mobile Banking Customers

Recent upgrades by our system provider may affect the Mobile Banking app on your mobile device.

For customers using an original iPhone (2G)
or iPhone 3G model:
You may continue to use the current release of the Mobile Banking app to access your accounts. However, the system will not support future app updates. Subsequent updates will result in the app no longer being usable on a 2G or 3G iPhone.

For customers using a BlackBerry Device: The system no longer supports the app for BlackBerry mobile devices. However, you will still be able to access the Mobile Banking icon, but upon launching you will be redirected to the mobile browser channel instead of the app. You will still enjoy the same functionality.

Customers accessing their accounts using the mobile browser or text messaging will be unaffected by this upgrade.

For questions, please contact our Bookkeeping Department at

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