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1 Read the agreement below and click on button at bottom of page to proceed.
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3 When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password. Be sure to keep this password in a safe place.


Internet User Agreement

Visitors (the "User") accessing Rose Hill Bank's Web site (the "Site") shall be governed by the following rules and regulations. Please read this agreement carefully before using this Site. The User, by accessing this Site, acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions and that these terms apply in addition to those that apply to any and all accounts User has with the Bank. The Bank may revise these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice to User.

All screens, text, images and graphics that make up a part of the Site is owned by the Bank or others as shown. The information and materials may not be copied, displayed, distributed, downloaded, licensed, modified, published, reposted, reproduced, reused, sold, transmitted, used to create a derivative work or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes without the express written permission of Rose Hill Bank.

Availability of Products and Services
Not all products or services offered on the site are available in all geographical areas. User may not be eligible for all of the products or services described. The bank reserves the right to determine the eligibility for any product or service subject only to Federal or State law.

E-mail of Information
Any communications or materials User transmits to bank through the Site or electronic mail (e-mail) will be received on a non-confidential basis and may be used by bank for any purpose within the boundaries shown in our privacy policy. The User may not transmit any obscene, libelous or defamatory message to Bank.

Limitations of Liability
Other than provided by law or specified in this agreement, the Bank disclaims any liability (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise) for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from User's access or use of Site (even if the Bank had advised of the possibility of such damages), including liability associated with any viruses which may infect a User's PC or computer equipment. The Bank will use reasonable efforts to provide accurate and current information on the Site, but makes no guarantees, warranties or representations as to the accuracy of the information provided by the Bank or third parties. Any third party Web site linked to this Site is independent of the Bank and the Bank has no control and does not warrant the quality or dependability of the information or materials available through such sites. User agrees that all access or use of this Site and its content is at User's own risk.

Enforcement of Agreement
If any provision of this agreement is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, such illegality, invalidity, or unenforeceability shall not affect any other provision in this agreement, but this agreement shall be construed as if such illegal, invalid or unenforeceable provision had never been contained herein.

Personal Identification Password for accessing Site
Each User (each individual named on an account is a separate "User") will be required to enter a "User Code" and "Password" to identify themselves as an authorized party to gain access to the Site. User is solely responsible for changing, controlling and safeguarding User Code and Password. User agrees not to provide his/her User Code or Password to any unauthorized party and acknowledges that it is recommended that any User Code or Password not be left or displayed near the computer. Once User has gained entrance to the Site, it is recommended User not leave the computer until User has exited from the Site, as anyone using the computer would have full and complete access to User's account information while User is logged in to Site and any such party will be deemed by the Bank to be User's authorized agent.

Access to Site Given to Other Parties
Many sites on the World Wide Web offer to access your Internet account information from other Web sites and consolidate this data in one location. These sites are commonly called an Aggregator. If User shares his/her User Code and Password with an Aggregator or any other parties, such parties will be deemed by the Bank to be User's authorized agent(s) for accessing the Site and User will be fully responsible for all transactions an Aggregator or any other parties conduct, whether or not they fall within the limitations of the agreement User has with User's agent. We recommend Users exercise caution in providing private information to an Aggregator, until User researches the entity and is confident the User Code and Password provided by User will be used in a manner consistent with Aggregator's agreement and that User's private information will be maintained on a secure basis.

Cancellation or Termination of Bill Pay Services
Rose Hill Bank may terminate this service for any party at any time. Such action shall not affect your liability or obligations set-out in this agreement.

You may terminate or cancel this service with Rose Hill Bank by giving written notice to Rose Hill Bank at least 5 Business Days before you want to stop service under this agreement. Notice must be sent to Rose Hill Bank, Attn: Bookkeeping Dept., P. O. Box 68, Rose Hill, KS 67133

Changes to Agreement
Rose Hill Bank may add, delete or modify this agreement at any time by sending notice with the monthly statement of Account to User or by posting such notice on its Website. Changes will be effective 10 calendar days after the notice is posted on the Website or a later date set-out in the notice, unless a law or regulation requires a longer time period. If a change is required to protect the integrity or security or the Internet Banking Service or an Account, no notice will be required to amend this agreement.

Governing Law
This agreement is accepted in the State of Kansas, and shall be enforced in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Kansas.

Security Policy
Privacy Policy
Internet Terms of Use

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